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Welcome to the online, interactive, live-stream Unique Property Manual.

This e-book costs £4.85 and you will need a live broadband connection to enjoy the full interactive dynamics of this manual. You can read the introduction, plus imprint page and contents: here.

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Unique Property Manual: E-Book Live-Stream

With this live-stream format of book publishing we are hopefully trialling something new. A web book. The intention is to eventually make Unique Property Manual available via Amazon and Kindle. However, for the time being we present what is hoped to be a straight forward method of delivering a book directly online with a dedicated website for this specific publication. As uncomplicated a process as possible. No requirement to sign on with Amazon etc., just click the Paypal button above, and you are ready to read. If this method of book publication works, then we hope to produce more in the live-stream web book format.


Web Books are a new format for publishing.

Directly accessible books on the internet for the reader via dedicated website domains for each individual publication. As near to one-click reading as we can create.

Web Books Ltd (SC461970) and Duncansby Head Publishing are a division and imprint of Unique Property Bulletin Ltd. (SC413700).