Unique Property Manual: Live-stream E-Book

How To Find, Fund & Have Fun With Unique Property


This is a new and dynamic development in e-books. You are now reading the initial part of a live-stream and interactive Unique Property Manual. With older e-book formats, we have found that colour pictures and line drawings such as land registry title deeds do not transfer very well to the medium of many Kindle e-book reading machines. Small grainy monochrome pictures. We believe the Kindle book reading tablets machines to be elegant and of course ground-breaking. The screen text and ability to adjust font size to suit the reader makes it an excellent device for the written word. But millions of older models are just a bit lacklustre for pictures and graphics. Of course there are newer e-book devices, but we need to cater for as many folk as possible. In fact it is ideal to evolve the process. Kaizen or ‘continual improvement’ is an effective way to move forward. We wish to provide all readers with full colour photographs and clear illustrations. Hence the trialling of this e-book live-stream service. 

As to the aim of this manual? It is relatively simple.

To help you…

find, fund and have fun with unique property.


Unique Property Manual

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Important: Live-stream weblinks are provided throughout the text so that readers can click onward links to research/study source material. Most folk will understand the blue word hyperlink click protocol. For those who are unfamiliar, if you see a word like this within the text of Unique Property Manual, feel free to click on that word to open up a new window with related information for you to review. These links are not mandatory, just a way to enrich your ability to progress any interest that you may have in any part of the narrative that follows.

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In addition to this Unique Property Manual for finding, funding and having fun with unique property, we also aim to help our readers find that ideal home with our associated website…

Unique Property Bulletin Website: Click Here

This includes the A-to-Z of unusual places to convert into a unique home. Air Control Towers, Barns; Castles, Churches, Coastguard Stations, Distilleries, Fire Stations, Follies, Igloos, Islands, Lifeboat Stations, Lighthouses, Martello Towers, Nuclear Bunkers, Police Stations, Railway Stations, Schools, Signal Boxes, Zoos, and many more.

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This book is dedicated to the memory of

Jason McLean

————— INDEX ————–

Unique Property Manual


Chapter 1: Introduction.
Chapter 2: Unique Enigma Challenge.
Chapter 3: Summary.
Chapter 4: Where of Unique Property.
Chapter 5: What of Unique Property.
Chapter 6: Why of Unique Property.
Chapter 7: How of Unique Property.
Chapter 8: When of Unique Property.
Chapter 9: Funding.
Chapter 10: Unique Property Selection Box.
Chapter 11: Unique Adventures – What Next ?
Chapter 12: The Most Unique Of All.


The original cover photograph on the first paperback version of Unique Property Manual illustrated Tod Head Lighthouse….

Unique-Property-Manual-Original Cover

Book Cover: The Original Paperback Manual

This manual correctly predicted, and gave advance notice to our readers that Tod Head Lighthouse Tower would come up for sale long before it appeared in the estate agent’s shop window. Being able to detect such early warnings are very important to the dedicated unique property hunter. Tod Head Lighthouse Tower is now sold; though keep an eye out in case it returns onto the sale market.

As to this e-book’s new cover photograph…

Unique Property Manual E-Book ISBN 19780956025838

Front Cover: E-Book Version

This romantic quasi Romeo and Juliet structure was chosen via the methods extolled in this very publication. I will give details of this old tower in due course. Indeed you might like to start the process of becoming a property sleuthing version of Sherlock Holmes and see if you can identify it sooner than the reveal later in this book. As to the relevance of this tower? I needed a new front cover for the rebooted version of this web-book. Permission was asked if the owner minded her tower appearing on the front of the Manual. It is a pleasant fact that many unique adventures start this way. The owner gave permission for me to photograph the tower and feature it on the book cover. Better than that, a few weeks later she telephoned and offered to sell the tower to me! A highly tempting figure of £28,000 was mentioned. Though as things evolved, the owner received significant newspaper publicity and whilst a group of our Unique Property Bulletin readers did submit a formal legal offer, it was pipped to the post by some other lucky person after the media interest alerted others to come forward with offers. You win some, you lose some. The cover photograph of both paperback and e-book version remain as testament that whatever unusual style of property you are looking for, there is a way to find, fund and have fun getting there. That is also the job of this book. Please enjoy the journey.


This version of the Unique Property Manual is a new type of live-stream e-book. The initial aim was just to enable full colour photographs, graphics, and detailed plans, such as land registry deeds to be available (many e-books only have very low resolution black on white pictures which loose so much in vitality as opposed to vibrant colour). Let’s face it, for something as important as your next home, the least we can do is make best efforts to give you a decent colour picture of candidate and example buildings.

A useful result for this new live-stream e-book has been the ancillary benefit  of enabling us to provide you with an immediate and interactive experience that helps cross reference information, sources and other relevant facilities on the internet. Live. Most importantly it helps readers to pursue their own research in real time with connectivity to other websites.

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